I Can't Live Without Your Love


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Tom: G
Intro: (G D Am C9) 2x

G          D                  Am    C9
  Don´t be afraid if I´ll go crazy for you
G           D             Am        C9
  Don´t be surprised if I fall at your feet
G          D            Am      C9
  I don´t care about they think of me
          G           D
I don´t know what to do
             Am        C9        D
Because I´m falling for you  ( for you )

        C9              G
When I look into your eyes
       D        Am
I can see me in you
   C9          G              D            Am
Remember this time that will last until the end
         C9              G
When iI find you in my dreams
        D            Am
I just won´t let you go
      C9             G
I´ll hold you in my heart
         B7          Am7  G/B  C9   Cm
I can´t live without you

I can´t live without your love

( G D Am C9 )

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