Paul McCartney

Somebody Who Cares

Paul McCartney

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Tom :Am

Am                Em       G6         F
When your body is coming apart at the seams
        C                     G
and the whole thing's feeling low
G#o       Am          Am/G#
you're convincing yourself
             Am/G   Am/F#    Fmaj7
that there's nobody there, I know
I know how you feel.
         Am       Em        G6              F
Like somebody has taken the wheels off your car
         C                G
when you had somewhere to go
G#o          Am
Well, it's annoying
    Am/G#    Am/G     Am/F#  Fmaj7
not going to get very far, I know
but somebody cares
        A          A/B      E
There's always someone, somewhere
you should know by now
D                   A
always somebody who cares
     A             A/B     E
It's happening day in, day out,
Well, you know by now
D                   A
always somebody who cares.
G6/D                  F6/C
If you don't know it, how will it find you?
Em7/B                 Fmaj7
How will we know your whereabouts?
G6/D                  F6/C
(Pan flute)
Em7/B                 Fmaj7
(Pan flute)
But I know how you feel. 

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